Couples Mediation

Mahara Brenna - Couples Mediation

Couples Mediation is Mahara’s Specialty

ONE of Mahara’s career passions has been helping couples to find their connection with each other again. Trained at the B.C. Justice Institute in Conflict resolution: Mediation & Negotiation, Mahara has developed her own model of mediation incorporating “A Course in Miracles” and “Psychology of Vision.™”

Working individually with each person first in a private session that includes counseling and Sacred Rebirthing, Mahara then brings the couple together for a ‘3 way’. By doing so, both parties come to understand their own dynamics first, and have the opportunity to clear old emotional blocks before entering into the mediation.

Now, armed with their ‘family of origin’ information and core-belief conditioning that each has brought into the relationship, Mahara helps the couple to listen and communicate with each other in effective new ways. Next, she maps strategies to clearly navigate through the stormy seas and then together they draw up agreements and requests to support the new journey together.

Mahara Brenna - Couples Mediation

Mahara Brenna – Couples Mediation

Individual 3 hour Session ~ $295.
Couples Mediation 3 hour Session ~ $350. [includes pre-session preparation]

PRIVATE SESSIONS may be done in person, by Skype or Zoom.

Mahara’s private practice is in Vancouver, B.C. Canada

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