Mahara Brenna - Private Sessions

Private Rebirthing, Couples Mediation or Life Coaching Sessions

Mahara has developed her own private session models for Couples Mediation, Holistic Rebirthing and Life Coaching by incorporating “A Course in Miracles”, “Rebirthing” and “Psychology of Vision.™” to reprogram and heal limited core beliefs that keep us from living our authentic selves. By combining these support strategies, she integrates her personal brand of successful healing and counseling for individuals both in private sessions and workshops.

In the old paradigm, life was a perpetual journey of death and rebirth. To the degree we allow ourselves to continually shed old skins, we awaken new energies, aliveness, creativity and spiritual awareness. The Sacred Breath, deepens our gratitude for life and connection to the magnificence of Source that dwells within us and all around us.  We are freed from human conditioning and awaken our eternal Soul Self. From this place of personal empowerment and regeneration, we can Live Blissfully and empower the world around us.

As a Holistic Health Educator, Mahara has over 40 years experience since 1978 and assists people to heal emotionally and spiritually and in essence to Rebirth and Come Alive. By employing the connected breathing pattern in conjunction with other combined healing modalities, the wounds of the past are released, and one frees the body to begin its own healing.  Natural aliveness and wisdom stored in the body naturally emerges as the inner Light of the Soul is liberated.

Helping couples to find their bliss with each other again has been one of Mahara’s career passions. Professionally trained in Mediation & Negotiation, she empowers each individual privately with the opportunity to clear old emotional blocks prior to mediation as a couple. Once armed with the individual ‘family of origin’ information and core-belief conditioning that each has brought into the relationship, as a Couples Mediator, she then brings them together, teaching effective new ways to listen and communicate with each other.

As a Life Coach Mahara is a compassionate listener and deeply insightful guide, bringing her many skills as a Holistic Health Educator, RebirtherMediator and Spiritual Teacher into all her private sessions with clients.

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