Thoughts and acknowledgments from others so generously shared

Mahara Brenna - Acknowledgements - Matt Weinstein“Mahara is an inspirational leader. Dedicated, humble and passionate about everything she does. “

Matt Weinstein, PHD: CEO Playfair Inc.



Mahara Brenna - Acknowledgements - T. Harv Eker

“Mahara Brenna is the ‘original’ Goddess. “

T. Harv Eker,  CEO Mind Valley Academy



Mahara Brenna - Acknowledgements - Matt Sawyer

“Mahara is an enlightened being… posing as a normal person.”

Michael Sawyer, Boat Broker and Yacht Charters



Mahara Brenna - Acknowledgements - Jesai Jayhmes“Mahara, your deep knowledge, love and Being as a facilitator created the atmosphere for me to release life-times of pain and regrets. Your life is a prayer and you bless us all with it.

Jesai Jayhmes,  Director & Actor,  Master Speaker & Trainer