MC – Master of Ceremonies

Mahara Brenna MC for Radiant Rose Conclave Vancouver BC 2011 crc900x315

Mahara Brenna has been the MC for many memorable local and international events.

Mahara Brenna MC for RADIANT ROSE ACADEMY - Spring Resurrection Conclave Vancouver BC 2011 crc800x1125

RADIANT ROSE ACADEMY – Spring Resurrection Conclave Vancouver BC 2011


“To MC an event well is an art form, a creative act of its own.  It requires preparation and design ahead of time to gather all the pieces, in order to weave pertinent and beautiful segways.  But also it is about those magical moments and being open to spontaneous play with the audience.” Mahara Brenna


Mahara Brenna MC 30th Anniversary WALK FOR PEACE Vancouver BC with with Joseph Roberts and "Common Ground"

WALK FOR PEACE 30th ANNIVERSARY Vancouver BC 2012 with Joseph Roberts and “Common Ground”








“I have always seen myself as a bridge builder and one of God’s cheerleaders.  I love taking an event, a collaboration or a gathering and making it the best it can be. One of my Father’s teachings growing up was ‘polish your apples,’ meaning make the most out of whatever you have.” Mahara Brenna

PEACE GATHERING Vancouver BC 2009 with Mahara Brenna and Michael Beckwith

Mahara Brenna - MC and Host for Andrew Harvey SACRED ACTIVISM

SACRED ACTIVISM Vancouver BC – Mahara Brenna MC and host with Andrew Harvey

Mahara Brenna - MC Diamond Heart Conclave Montreal " Sometimes it's all about the dress."

Mahara – MC Diamond Heart Conclave 2015 – Montreal ” Sometimes it’s all about the dress.”

MC Conclave Montreal Aug. 2016 crp

Mahara – MC Diamond Heart Conclave – 2016 – Imperial Theatre, Montreal

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