In Memory of Audrey Georgina Buchanan – Aug 29 2017

Audrey {Agaba} Georgina Buchanan
August 22, 1927

My beautiful Mother made her transition at noon…
Tuesday August 29th 2017
One week after her 90th Birthday milestone
…just the way she wanted it!

I am posting this in my blog as you may be one of my dear friends, a former partner or lover, a colleague, a client, a student or a beloved Soul in my community who heard me speak of her in so many ways and came to love ‘Agaba-isms’, or was touched by the grace, charm and gentleness of this extraordinary woman.

My brother Russell and I had the great privilege of taking care of Agaba  during her end days in her home on the ocean in Sechelt. With windows and doors flung open to the sounds and smells of the sea, she showered us with blessings, wit and wisdoms until conversation ceased and she threw herself into 4 full days of intensive circular breathing….and then she left. After the 3rd deeply still, peaceful day, Agaba said, “This has been absolutely marvelous. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.”

A conscious woman ahead of her time, my best friend, teacher, sister and an embodiment of the Divine Feminine, she left this ‘mortal coil’ as she called it, as she had lived…engaged, engaging and enthusiastic.

One of the last things my Mother said…
“There is only God’s work. Nothing other than God’s work.”

The picture above is from our last bodacious adventure….
Egypt, Mt. Sini, Jordan and Israel 2011
Standing outside Jesus’s Garden of Gethsemane

Fly On, Beloved Mama~Ji
See you in our next adventure!
With Eternal Love & Immense Gratitude

Hail to the Holy Mother’s Presence

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  1. Hi Mahara,

    By my calculations it has been about 45 years since we have communicated! I hope you are staying safe and healthy during this crazy time of Covid 19 and self isolation. Over the years I have wondered how you and Russell were doing but any time I tried googling your names nothing came up pointing me in the right direction.

    However, my last efforts came up with your website and luckily there were lots of pictures and I realized it was you (I hadn’t remembered Brenna and I was spelling Mahara wrong at first).
    When I was reading through your website I was sad to hear the passing of Audrey, although not surprised, she was 90! She was such an amazing and special person, I liked your tribute to her and only wished I had kept in touch a little more and not been such a total stranger.

    And talking about amazing people it looks like you have taken on the Buchanan brand of wisdom and gone global with it. I’m exhausted just reading about all the things you have been up to, you obviously are very important influencer to so many people around the world. The truth is I am actually intimidated by all your accomplishments and wasn’t going to reach out but decided if ever I was going to do it, this was the right time.

    With Covid 19 forcing self isolation I have used this extended period of time at home to take on a project that I have been avoiding for years, namely scanning into my computer all my colour slides and negatives that I took before the digital photograph came along. As you know photography was important to me and I had taken lots of photos (mainly colour slides) that haven’t been seen in years due to the hassle of setting up a screen and projector.

    I have been working away at this project for well over a month now (almost every day) and I am happy to say that most of my photographs have now been digitized into jpegs residing in my computer for easy access. It has been an interesting time going down memory lane reliving so much of my early youth and when it came to the many photos I took of you and Russell it brought back such fond memories of you and the Buchanan clan in general. We had lots good times and some magical moments that I will never forget.

    The thing is now that the photos are all in digital jpegs and the technology makes it easy to share them I felt it would be a good time to do just that. And the truth is time for me is running out (as it is for all of us) but for me it is prostate cancer and it just seems like a good time to be doing this. To share these photos it is very easy, I simply send you a link via my my software Sync (which is encrypted and secure) and you simply click on the link and download the files.
    If you are open to reliving some memories of an old friend please let me know which email address is best to use?

    Hope to hear from you soon,
    Love and hugs,

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