Mahara offers Events and Communities a way to play, evolve and co-create together

As an MC or Master of Ceremonies, Mahara strives to bring her personal connections with others into the mix, as she ‘reads the audience,’ allowing each individual to be involved in the excitement of co-creating an event with intention as a community. Her very balanced nature allows her to see the best in everyone in most any given situation, and she has been known to  utilize even perceived challenges as opportunities to bring both groups and individuals together for a common cause.

PEACE GATHERING Vancouver BC 2009 with Mahara Brenna



Mahara’s unique style of presentation and co-creation makes her a much sought after Master of Ceremonies. Her expertise as an International Speaker and Trainer, Community Builder and Performer, allows her to tap into numerous abilities to engage the natural tension held between Body, Mind and Spirit to manifest an event filled with joy, delight, openness and passionate self-expression.

Make your next event a most remarkable, extraordinary and celebrated affair, by including Mahara Brenna as part of your core co-creative team.


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