Mahara in Tahiti Oct. 12-27 2021 – Bootcamp Magic Oz

Mahara Brenna in Tahiti Sept 23-26 2018 - Bootcamp Magic Oz

“We are connected to everything around us…the Powers of Nature and the Forces of the Elements. We activate these natural forces when we are in alignment with the best version of ourselves. By elevating the Self, our true nature shines through and we can then empower others to succeed.  Wake up the Wizard within!” Business Maker Academy, Tahiti.

Mahara will be facilitating a Group Rebirthing Transformation, teaching principals of the Divine Feminine and Healing Duality Consciousiousness. Meditation and Chanting will also be included.

With Bootcamp Magic Oz you will…

– Learn to manifest what you desire in life.
– Stay calm, centered and in peace, whatever your environment.
– Live permanently in the best version of yourself.
– Connect with Nature and everything surrounding you.
– Have extraordinary life experiences that will transform your life forever.

And much more…

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