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Mahara Brenna


with Mahara Brenna and Minke De Vos – Hollyhock Retreat, Cortes Island

October 7 – 14, 2016

Become a ‘Way-Shower’ of the Divine Feminine, bringing balance to our imbalanced world. Be guided gently into the deep waters of ancient women’s wisdom. Learn powerful practices to cultivate self-love and potent sexual energy with Tao Yoni Yoga, Qigong and Sacred Rebirthing. (If this type of event interests you, please Contact us for upcoming events that may not yet be posted.)

In this safe, sacred exploration of the Divine Feminine you will:

Connect with heaven, earth and nature through grounding, moving meditation.
Transform and transmute old emotionality through the powerful alchemy of the Breath of Life.
Nurture and strengthen your feminine body with breast self-massage and jade egg practices.
Build sexual health and energy balance to ease menstruation and menopause.

Together we create inspired sisterhood, drawing on ancient lineages, contemporary wisdom and evolving creativity. Take home practical tools for continued renewal, inner radiance and spiritual development. Wake up each day to a refreshing morning practice!

This initiation is deeply healing and empowering for all women in all stages of life.

Mahara Brenna

A Registered Minister, ritualist and an International Master Rebirther. Mahara has also been a holistic health educator for 37 years and is known as a ‘Midwife of Souls.’ Her teachings are based on the Knowledge of the Ascended Masters, A Course in Miracles, Psychology and Shamanism.

Minke De Vos

Minke De Vos

Minke de Vos

Teaching spiritual embodiment at Silent Ground Retreats, Minke is an MMQ and has worked alongside Mantak Chia since 1983 as an international Senior Universal Healing Tao Instructor. As a Medical Qigong Master Therapist, she is also the author of Tao Tantric Arts for Women. See also Tao Tantric Arts and Feminine Treasures


“During her workshops you felt sexy, sacred and safe to explore. Minke has a very creative, heartfelt way of teaching that really helps you to connect to your inner goddess. She makes the healing love practices into an art!” Shepsa, NYC

“I learned more at Mahara’s ‘She Power’ Workshop than any other workshop I have ever taken…and I’m a workshop pro!” KW,Calgary

“Minke’s masterful, gentle and loving teaching led me deep into the stream of ancient women’s wisdom. All women should be initiated into these truths and this powerful path, not only for themselves but for all women and the Earth” Lizanne Fisher, Friend of Banyen Books

“Working with Mahara has enlightened me, empowered me and transformed me! I am very grateful.”
SZ, Vancouver

Registration for 2016 event

Hollyhock Retreat Center

TUITION $495 Cdn for 7 nights (Meals and Accommodations extra)

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