Mahara Brenna Testimonials


mahara-brenna-testimonials-901x315“Mahara enveloped me with such compassion and warmth and let me know right off the bat that I could and I would heal from my past emotional wounds, deep as they were. It is through the breathwork that I came to realize this was in fact true!

Mahara possesses a deep understanding of the human psychology and relationship dynamics. By delving into my personal history with me, she was able to connect the dots to my current situation in a very practical and approachable way.

I felt as though I had a partner throughout my healing process as she cheered me on from the sidelines, guiding me thru each step in a safe space. Working with Mahara has enlightened me, it has empowered me, it has transformed me. I am very grateful.” Shahnee Zaver ~ Artist & Entrepreneur

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“Words can never express the deeply profound healing Mahara has guided me through in such a short period of time. I feel so well and relieved, as great amounts of conscious and unconscious emotional baggage was released out of my body and spirit. I am forever grateful for Mahara’s wisdom, experience, grace and love shown by her unwavering attention to what was necessary for me to work through, thus allowing me to evolve my life with ease and genuine contentment. I sincerely recommend everyone seeking liberation ‘from the pain underneath it all’, work with this amazing and powerful woman of light, beauty and love.” Semir Yusuf ~ Hatha Yoga Teacher & Former Politician

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“I learned more at Mahara’s ‘She Power’ Workshop than any other workshop I have ever taken…and I’m a workshop pro!” KW,Calgary


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